In einem Monat könnte ich weg sein

Wie so manch einer weiss, will ich demnächst für ein Jahr weg nach Japan. Das hab ich letztes Jahr auch schon gesagt, jedoch ist zu viel passiert das mich hier gehalten hat und danach als Grund der Prokrastination gelegen kam. In der Zwischenzeit hab ich die Frage “Wolltest du nicht nach Japan?” mit “In einem Monat könnte ich weg sein” beantwortet. Aber nun wird es interessant, jetzt wo ich doch endlich die Arschbacken zusammen kneife und mich in die Materie vertiefe. In einem Monat könnte ich wirklich weg sein! *hust*

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Workshop: 3D Street painting

well, rather 3D paper perspective drawing… This is the workshop my group gave to the other students in our class. We tried to educated them about perspective drawings and let them theirselves draw in perspective. Due to now knowing what the weather will do… we decided to take the save route, not buy chalk, not to send out our classmates in the posible rain and chalk around some perspective drawings (but it would have been cool!).

Persentation we gave here and photo’s below

Lecture review: Persuation Design

Oh my keen enemy in design appeared… Persuation design.

First of all I like to state… I hate serious manipulation. Manipulation is a way of taking the freedom of people and forcing an opinion onto them. This can be done without knowing but if it’s done on purpose with a bad intention, I just get very mad about something like that.

The more important that I now know how Persuation design works. Ferry den Doppen (again!) tells us about how we move our clients to do something for us. There are many ways to get people towards a decision and it’s kinda funny but sad to see how TellSell for example stacks them all together so every way is another reason to buy their crappy products.

It’s interesting to see how charity sometimes work with their persuative webdesigns, like the pre set value on a slider. It reminds me how the small things sometimes are the big differences in design and how much revenue it produces.

Lecture review: Design Thinking!

Saskia Best telling us about Design Thinking. This lecture was connected to the lecture of some weeks ago when Bas Leurs told us about Thinking about Design. While “Thinking about Design” was in my observation more of a philosophical approach towards design, Design Thinking was more about our proffesion as a Designer. It’s the way how we create value for humans.

The quizzes inbetween the whole lecture where fun to participate but in the end I’ve kinda missed the clue. After re-reading the presentations I kinda get the link of the content and the quizzes. Probably because it was kinda a commotion on the back row where I was seated. (yeah, I blame others for my own shortcomings!)

In the end I think I, again know more about my proffession. But this time in a business context.

Dare This 3 ( 16.06)

I’ve continued with Hoccer this Dare this. Between the two Dare This Events I’ve developped and improved my concept on paper and now it’s gonna get real.

What did I plan? A feedback wall! First of all, I wanted to use the videowall we have at school since it’s in an open and public space, everyone sees it. On this videowall I display the thrown images, which should be pictures of work or projects other students are working on. To every image this board generates a QR code which people can scan. This QR code takes the people to a mobile website with the image and the posibility to write feedback in a comment.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with MySQL but I needed a database managing submitted images and managing the comments. On the other part I’ve designed a lott hat day to make it somewhat visual appealing. And I made some simple AS3 scripting with a flash interface that can receive data from javascript (my actual link to the api) and sort the images on the videowall.


Now reflecting on this, I did achieve very much that day. The visuals ain’t top notch but they are appealing enough and I’ve worked in so many languages and mashed them together that I worry a little how I’d ever managed to do that. At the end of the day my feedbackwall really displayed on the videowall.

Workshop Creative recycling

This workshop was all about recycling. We tried to make some object out of trash.. for the sake of recycling. While I had the stunning idea to make something small, other members of my team wanted to make something big, like, clothing. It kinda frustrated me that the others didn’t take my compromise proposal to make dolls out of trash that wear clothing, really, it would have engaged me more. Clothing takes time and a good sketch, but no, we start directly of on full scale, oh lord..

Since I wasn’t too much interested in making tramp wedding fashion this workshop sadly didn’t trigger me much. I tried at least to educate myself a little and made something origami like out of the KFC napkins we had. For this I’ve searched the internet for some tutorials and tried to make some roses and other little estectic tricks. But the napkins are rather thin so I kinda failed my attempt. In the end I’ve converted them to some kind of triangle layering napkin trick that is now seen on the photo around the necklace (3 of them).

Workshop Typography


Probably the only workshop given by students that seems a little bit normal. We had 1.5 back already some training in Typography but we’re never managed to draw our own font. Not completely true, I at least, had typography at me first design studies at GLA/MA and thus I’ve gone into this challenge with some advantage. We had to make an own font for our Initials. For me that’s a JP (kill the K, cause it was too much work). I tried to make a font that is build on exact math. I tried to get every angle and every milimeter right. In the end I’m quite suprized how well the font was with all the maths around it. My copic marker gave the whole letter a Spongy look. In my second attempt I tried to make the same style of letters only more sharp and thinner.

Sadly I don’t seem to have the original papersheets on where I’ve been drawing but I have the sheets under them with the bleedthrough of my copic markers and a test sheet. It seems like I’ve left them somewhere else inside my big room or I left them at school without making a photo *sad face*.

Dare This 2 (19/05)


For Design and Dare This I came up with another assignment. Not that making comics became boring but I have a lot of things I want to tryout and this is my next chance to make something. This time I’ll try to do something more engaging, something more meaning full and calling to action for the people around me.

Ever heared of Hoccer? When I came across it on the Android Market as an highlighted item I became curious. It’s an app that lets you share stuff with a ‘Throw’. Yeah, you throw stuff to others people, like photos, links, contacts and so on. By using the GPS of the phone, the app knows where you are and who is near your with the same app, the receiver has to make some kind of catch movement to tell the thrown item “you’re mine”. It’s a lot of GPS plus Cloud magic and it works pretty well, even in buildings.

For Dare This 1 of 2 in Quarter 2 I’ve focussed on researching the APIs for hoccer (actually called Linncer). There were several libraries for serveral programming languages but non of them had well written demos to catch constantly thrown stuff. I wanted to make it automated so I can use it for other purposes like narrowcastings. In the end I’ve edited inside the javascript code of a demo app to get a better understanding how everything works and what my posibilities are for further development.

With the next Dare This I’m planning to work out an engaging prototype with this technology. It will be a concept for within this schoolbuilding so people easily can share their work and rate them.

Animation in AfterEffects

A workshop by a teacher (rare within the past months).

Here I’ve learned about how to animated, manipulate and do simple stuff in After Effects. For my part, I finally know what those Null Objects mean within AFX and why they are used. FOr the other part I’ve seen some useful stuff, posible with after effects. If I give it more time I could make nice stuff with it now.

Here is what I made, but don’t expect too much…